Program February 23 - July 27, 2018


23 February

The commercialisation of health science - the Medical Research Future Fund, and CSIRO's own Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Roadmap.

An Evening with Georgia Miller, Friends of CSIRO, introduced by Maxine McCall.


30 March

This is Good Friday and the hotel is closed.


27 April

Where to for the Statement from the Heart?

An Evening with Linda Burney MHR, Shadow Minister for Human Services


25 May

Exploring oppression in the Middle East: Politics from below or above?

An Evening with Dr Noah Bassil, Director, Centre for Middle East and North African Studies, Macquarie university


29 June

Timor-Leste topic to be finalised

An Evening with Sr Susan Connelly, Sister of St Joseph


27 July

What will it take to get a human rights commitment in Australia?

An Evening with Prof Gillian Triggs, former Commissioner for Human Rights